Tuesday, July 6, 2010


*The Devil Wears Prada*

I dunno why tonite that im still watching this movie...Actually u know what,this story is telling me that its showing my period life with HIM/HER  . . .

Every single moments is a true,,i face it before,,since his/her do not like that job until his/her successful in his/her career..I do proud of him/her, ,, really bcos he/she deserve to get that..He/She chage alot bout fashion,look,performance,act n everything..
But after for a few month its goes wrong , , , our relationship its not like before..
He/She cannot say NO to his/her job and there is no plan B, it  just plan A...
He/She forgot bout my birthday,,forgot to give some smile,forgot to give some hug n kiss.
He/She sacrifice a lot of thing for his/her job..

Then we chose to give some space for our relationship , until one moments someone who came to his/her life , and change it all..
And he moved out..
Im alone.

I dunno wether my life its same with that ending???
We get back together or its such a movie..
Anyway im always waiting 4 miracle things happen...

I am me , ,lucky im still here,, with a big hope and still keep my promise

MIRANDA words = "Thats All"


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